Million Week – Do you have the Midas touch?

The Million Week

A buy-in of €50 and a whopping prizepool of €1,000,000 guaranteed - the Million Week is without doubt THE unmissable event on Winamax.

From the 4th  to the 13th February, meaning there will be just as many chances to be in the money, as there will be paid spots straight from Day 1!


Enter the MILLIONWEEK2018 code with your next deposit on Winamax (€15 minimum) and receive your ticket to the MILLION WEEK FREEROLL on Friday 9th of February at 20:00 CET. There will be a total of €10,000 in MILLION WEEK tickets to be won!

  • In order to receive a ticket, you will need to to make a deposit before Friday 9th of February at 20:00 CET.
  • Only players who have not made a withdrawal since 7th of February at 14:00 CET will be eligible for this offer. One ticket per player.
  • Players who make a withdrawal before the MILLION WEEK FREEROLL will lose their ticket.
  • Players who deposit for the first time on their Winamax account will not be able to take advantage of this offer. They will have the first deposit bonus applied instead.

Qualify for €4!

Win your €50 ticket for the Million week by playing our €4 Expresso Million Week.

Tournament details

  • €1,000,000 guaranteed
  • Buy-in: €50
  • 6-max
  • Paid places reached during Day 1
  • 15% of the field are paid
  • 20,000 chips. 15 minute levels during Day 1, then 20 minutes during Day 2 and 3.
  • Unlimited re-entries for every Day 1

The schedule

Date Day 1 Start time End time
Sunday 4th February Day 1A 16h 21h25
Sunday 4th February Day 1B 20h 01h25
Monday 5th February Day 1C 16h 21h25
Monday 5th February Day 1D 20h 01h25
Tuesday 6th February Day 1E 16h 21h25
Tuesday 6th February Day 1F 20h 01h25
Wednesday 7th February Day 1G 16h 21h25
Wednesday 7th February Day 1H 20h 01h25
Thursday 8th February Day 1I 16h 21h25
Thursday 8th February Day 1J 20h 01h25
Friday 9th February Day 1K 16h 21h25
Friday 9th February Day 1L 20h 01h25
Saturday 10th February Day 1M 16h 21h25
Saturday 10th February Day 1N 20h 01h25
Sunday 11th February Day 1O 16h 21h25
Sunday 11th Februaryr Day 1P 20h 01h25
Monday 12th February Day 2 20h 01h25
Tuesday 13th February Day 3 20h -

Day 1s will end if 97% of the field is eliminated. Example: if 1,000 players register for Day 1A, the tournament will end if all but 30 players are eliminated.