Medals table – €10,000 to be won with the Olympics!

The Winter Olympics are almost upon us, and we are giving you the chance to win your own medals thanks to your bets. Who will become the Olympic sports betting champion?

How it works

This offer applies to all the Olympic Winter Games running from Friday 9th to Monday 26th of February 2018.

Place your bets and pocket your own medals throughout the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. Every time you win a bet with odds of 2/1 and over, you will receive a medal. According to the odds of your bet, you will be awarded a bronze, silver or gold medal!

Odds Reward
Odds of 10/1 or over Gold medal
Odds between 5/1 and 9.99/1 Silver medal
Odds between 2/1 – 4.99/1 Bronze medal

Each of your medals will win you points towards the rankings. You will win 1 point for a bronze medal, 3 points for silver and 9 points for gold!

Two rankings with a €5,000 guarantee each will be established throughout the Olympics. The first will count bets ending between Friday 9th of February at 12:00 CET and Sunday 18th of February at 18:00 CET, whereas the second will cover Sunday 18th of February at 18:00 CET to Monday 26th of February at 12:00 CET. Thus, there are €10,000 to be shared out throughout the Winter Olympics!


  • Only In Play and pre-match bets of at least €5 will be counted.
  • If you place multiple identical bets (for example: “Winner of the Men’s Mass Start: Martin Fourcade”), then only the first bet you have placed will be counted.
  • Accumulator bets placed exclusively on the Winter Olympics are counted. If a selection from the accumulator bet is identical to a single bet placed previously (for example: “Winner of the Women’s Sprint:
  • Justine Braisaz”), then the bet which was placed first will be counted.
  • System bets are not counted.
  • In the case of a draw in points between multiple players, then the prizes will be shared out according to the amount of gold medals then silver medals. If the number of the players’ gold and silver medals is identical then the winnings of the players who have tied will be equal to the sum of winnings of the players in question divided by the number of players who have tied.
  • Bets placed on curling matches from 8th to 9th of February counting for the Olympic tournaments are not counted.


Rank Prize
1st €1,000
2nd €800
3rd €650
4th €500
5th €375
6th €275
7th €200
8th €150
9th to 10th €100
11th to 13e €75
14th to 16e €50
17th to 25th €25
26e au 50e €10