Kill Them All – Champions, Pros and People

€5 buy-in and a large prizepool guarantee.

The Champions, People and Pros of Winamax all in one tournament…

Your mission remains the same, eliminate as many as possible and take home the bounties!

The game is simple:

Set your sights on the CHampions, People and Pros of Winamax and eliminate them to take their bounty!

In addition to the large guaranteed prizepool, earn the bounties as follows:


Kill Them All Bounties

  €10 for eliminating a WIP (Champion, People, Pro).
  €25 for eliminating a WIP in the final 100 places.
  €100 for eliminating a WIP at the final table.
  €50 for eliminating 2 WIPs.
  €200 for eliminating 3 or more WIPs.