Kill The Pros

Next edition: Wednesday 7th August 2024 at 21:00 CET 

The game is simple: as the tournament progresses, the bounties increase in size. Eliminating a pro at the beginning of the tournament is therefore not worth the same as in the later stages.

Elimination Bounties

  €10 for eliminating a pro
  €25 for eliminating a pro in the final 100 places
  €100 for eliminating a pro at the final table

Multiple eliminations Bounties

  €50 for eliminating 2 pros
  €200 for eliminating 3 or more pros

Example: If you eliminate a Pro who finishes 300th (€10), then another Pro who finishes 74th (€25), then you will receive a total bonus of €10 + €25 + €50 = €85.

Multiple eliminations are only counted by type. Example: you cannot accumulate Champions and Pros eliminations.