Kill The People

Next edition: Wednesday 27th December 2023 at 21:00 CET

The “Kill The ...” series also includes a chance to hunt the bounties found on the heads of our VIPs!

You will find plenty of poker playing celebrities at Winamax and they even have a bounty on their heads! You can find Winamax’s “People” thanks to the symbol next to their table name.

The list of celebrities grows as they register on Winamax...


With your buy-in of just €10, not only is there the large guaranteed prize pool, you win a cash bonus for every personality eliminated!




  €10 for eliminating a personality.
  €25 for eliminating a personality in the final 100 places.
  €100 for eliminating a personality at the final table.
  €50 for eliminating 2 personalities.
  €200 for eliminating 3 or more personalities.

Example: If you eliminate a personality who finishes in 300th place (€10), and then another personality who finishes in 74th place (€25), then you will receive a total prize of €10 + €25 + €50 = €85.

Multiple eliminations are only counted by type. Example: you cannot accumulate Champions and Pros eliminations.