How to play Guns&Glory

Guns&Glory is a new type of challenge on Winamax!

Guns&Glory is a new type of challenge on Winamax!

Earn Experience Points (XP) as you play poker. All real-money fields of play are totally open: Cash Games, Sit&Go, MTT Tournaments and Expresso games.

Guns&Glory also includes dozens of poker related missions that you have to complete. As you accomplish missions you will earn additional XP and unlock one of over a hundred trophies. Missions cover everything from multi-tabling to stack-size, final tables to being the bubble boy!

Guns&Glory: Your Mission, Play Poker

1. My level

XP points:

Whenever you play on the Winamax real-money tables, not matter the limits and or the duration of play, you will earn XP (experience points):

  • One cash game hand = 1 point
  • Play a Sit&Go or Expresso = 25 points
  • One MTT (multi-table tournament) = 75 points
  • Place a sports bet = 10 points

When you complete poker missions you earn XP points. (cf. My Missions below)

Weapons are the symbol of your level:

From 1 to 749 points Plastic sword
Plastic sword

Your XP determines your level. Every time you gain a level, you are rewarded with a more powerful weapon. Starting at level 1 with a Plastic sword. At 500 XP you reach level 2 and discover a new weapon.


You can select the mascot of your choice to carry your weapon. With every new weapon, you also unlock a new mascot. What is more, you can also use your mascot as your Winamax avatar!

Shaolin Monk


2. My missions

The principle:

There is a range of varied missions that you can try to complete whenever you play at the Winamax poker tables. For example, the “Multi-tabling” missions are require you to play as many simultaneous cash game tables as you possibly can. Alternatively the “Killer” missions are completed by eliminating other players from tournaments.

Multitabling : Play as many cash game tables as possible at the same time
You must play 2 tables at the same time to complete this mission.
You must play 2 tables at the same time to complete this mission.

5 categories:

The missions are grouped by game type: 5 cash game missions, 7 MTT missions, 4 Sit&Go missions, 2 Expresso missions and 6 sports betting missions. For each mission there are 10 trophies to win.

For example, the “Round Table” mission consists of playing as many Sit&Go games as possible. After having played just one Sit&Go game you will unlock the first trophy.

Missions and XP points:

With each trophy you earn, you will also be rewarded additional XP which helps you to level up as fast as possible. The more trophies you unlock, the closer you are to completing the mission and the more XP you will earn!


Top 10:

On your missions page, for each category (cash game, Sit&Go, MTT and Expresso), you can also find your top 10 (10 best tournament performances, 10 best cash game sessions (midnight to midnight), etc.)


3. The hall of fame

The podium:

The podium, located in the Hall of Fame, shows the three players who have earned the most XP playing Guns&Glory.

Mission records:

Master of the World
Master of the World

The Hall of Fame also allows you to view who holds the current record for each mission.

Each time a new high score is reached in a particular mission, the player having made the record gains a Legendary Trophy. However, this triumph (and trophy) will be lost as soon as another player beats the record.

For example, in the “Round Table” mission, the Legendary Trophy is the “Master of the World” while for the “Killer” mission, the Legendary Trophy is known as “Public Enemy Number 1”.