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The Championship is back! 5 trophies and 500,000 Miles to be won for the best gangs! Please note that only gangs that have taken part in at least one challenge between October 1st and November 19th 2021 will be eligible for the Guns&Glory Championship. Inactive gangs (no challenge played since 01/10) will be replaced by the next gangs in the gang ranking.
9 days ago.
Rank 35 in battle Incognito battle !: View
9 days ago.
Reaches level 15
1 month(s) ago.
The challenge against PRO Regaderas has been refused by .GaelMonFish : View
1 month(s) ago.
The gang PRO Regaderas has challenged us
5 month(s) ago.
Reaches level 12
7 month(s) ago.
Aurelie-83 has been kicked from the gang
7 month(s) ago.
-YeuxRouge- left the gang
8 month(s) ago.
Reaches level 11
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Reaches level 10
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Reaches level 9