Winamax will be multiplying your winnings with goalscorers!

How does it work?

  • Event: Champions League - Round of 16 1st leg (from 15th to 23rd February).
  • Type of bet: single pre-match or In-Play "Anytime goalscorer" bets.
  • Eligibility requirement: bets with a wager ending in .22 cents (e.g. €15.22).
  • Requirement for winnings multiplier: if the player you bet on scores two goals, your net winnings will be multiplied by 2. If he scores three goals, your net winnings will be multiplied by 3, etc.
  • Type of prize: prizes credited as a bonus.
  • Date of prize distribution:  within 7 days.
  • Example: You bet €10.22 on a player with odds of 3. If he scores a hat-trick in this match, your net winnings will be €20.44 (€30.66 - your €10.22 bet). This means that you will get an additional €40.88 in winnings from the promotion.


  • Bets made with free bets, Accumulator, MyMatch, system and Cashout bets will not be counted.
  • Only “Anytime goalscorer” bets are eligible. All other goalscorer bets (e.g. “First goalscorer”, “Multiple goalscorer” or “Last goalscorer”) will not be counted.
  • For each eligible bet, should the player involved in the bet score 2 goals or more throughout the match that the bet is placed on, then the net winnings of the bettor will be multiplied by the number of goals scored by the goalscorer.
  • Net winnings = total winnings – original wager.
  • Boosted Odds will not be counted.
  • Additional winnings cannot exceed €250 per match.
  • In accordance with the law, prizes credited as a bonus must be wagered on sports betting or poker before being withdrawn.