Golden Scores – Your deposit refunded every day!

Every day throughout the World Cup, Winamax will be refunding your deposits up to €100 if you make a correct prediction for the two next matches!

How does it work?

From 13th of June 12:00 CET to 14th of July 15:00 CET, enter the GOLDENSCORES code with your deposit and you will be able to make your prediction for the next two World Cup matches.

If you guess the correct score for both of these games, your deposit will be refunded up to €100!



  • The GOLDENSCORES offer is valid from 13th of June 2018 12:00 CET to 14th of July 2018 16:00 CET, and only for deposits by bank card made with the GOLDENSCORES code.
  • Players who have made any withdrawals from 13th of June 2018 at 12:00 CET will not be eligible for the GOLDENSCORES offer.
  • This offer is valid for one deposit per calendar day (from midnight to midnight) and per player, from 13th of June 12:00 CET to 14th of July 2018 at 16:00 CET with the GOLDENSCORES code.
  • There will be two pauses from Saturday 7th of July at 20:00 CET to Sunday 8th of July 2018 at 10:00 CET and from Tuesday 10th of July 20:00 CET to Thursday 12th of July at 11:00 CET, throughout which the GOLDENSCORES code will no longer be available.
  • After making a deposit with the GOLDENSCORES code, the player will be offered a prediction on the next two games of the 2018 World Cup which they will need to predict (correct score by the end of regular time excluding extra-time). If both of these predictions are correct, the player’s deposit will be refunded up to €100 on their Winamax account (refund will be credited within 24 hours).
  • In order to benefit from the refund, the player must have a fully validated account (identity documents verified and validation code entered). The refund will be put on hold until the account is fully validated.
  • Players depositing for the first time on their Winamax account cannot benefit from this offer. They will be credited with the first deposit bonus instead.
  • Winamax reserves the right to cancel, suspend, modify or delete this offer or these rules at any time and for any reason.