Golden Boy – Count the goals… and the cash!

Statistics and probabilities hold no secrets from you. You think of returns on investment over breakfast and only have eyes for your results from the night before…

You’re the sports betting Golden Boy on Winamax!

Golden Boy

A weekly Challenge

Every week, the players with the biggest net sports betting winnings, all sports and all bet types included, are rewarded in the Golden Boy Challenge.

Be one of the top 50 analysts in the weekly leaderboard to win your share of €2,000!



How it works

Put simply, every bet which ends during the challenge period (Friday at 07:00 CET to the following Friday at 07:00 CET) will be counted.

The amounts won, lost or Cashout in each bet (in Euros) are counted to determine the net profit of each player. Net winnings are represented by points in the weekly leaderboard.


Challenge prizes

Ranking Prize
1st €500
2nd €350
3rd €250
4th €175
5th €125
6th €100
7th €75
8th €50
9th €30
10th €20
11th - 15th €15
16th - 30th €10
31st - 50th €5

Other important information

  • Should two people score the same number of points, the player to have made the most bets will place higher. Should the two players remain equal, the player with the biggest net winning bet will place higher.
  • The leaderboard will take into account all bets which end during the challenge period (From Friday at 07:00 CET to the following Friday at 07:00 CET).
  • Bets may have been placed before the week in which the match takes place.
  • Wagers places using free bets are not included in the Golden Boy Challenge.
  • In accordance with the law, prizes given as bonuses must be placed as a sports bet or wagered in poker prior to being withdrawn.