Franchise Player – Bet on the scorers!

For the NBA play-offs, choose your scorers wisely and win your part of the €5,000 in play!

After a regular season rich in emotions, it’s time for the play-offs. Will Golden State manage to hold the title? Will Harden and Paul help the Rockets stop them in their stride? For all of these matches, your bets on scorers could help you win big!

How it works

For each match of the 1st round of the play-offs, which start on 14th April 2018, and until the conference finals, if you place a “Which player will score 20 points or more”, or a “Player X will score more than Y points”, and your bet wins, you will earn a number of points equal to the odds x 10.
Example: You bet on Russell Westbrook for the “Which player will score 20 points or more” with odds of 1.20 and in the match Russell Westbrook scores 22 points, you earn 12 points for the leaderboard.

However, you must choose your players wisely. Only your first two bets on scorers will be taken into account for each match.

The first leaderboard will take into account the first round of the play-offs with €2,500 in prizes, and the second will include the conference semi-finals and finals, again with €2,500 in prizes. In each of the leaderboards, the top 30 bettors will be rewarded!

Bet on the NBA play-offs

Important information

  • Only single bets are taken into account.
  • Only bets with a minimum wager of €2 are taken into account.
  • If the player does not play the game upon which the bet is placed, the bet is not taken into account and your third bet will be counted.
  • In case of an equal score, the players will be ranked according to the bet which earned the most points.

The prizepool for each leaderboard

Ranking Prizepool
1st €600
2nd €475
3th €350
4th €250
5th €150
6th €125
7th €100
8th €75
9th €60
10th €40
11th to 15th €25
16th to 30th €10