Love a family pot? Then FLOOOP cash game tables are made for you! On these tables, you will see EVERY SINGLE flop!

FLOOOP is a NL Texas Hold'em cash game format where the preflop sequence is skipped. Thus, the big and the small blind no longer exist: all players must first pay an ante in order to play the hand.

Cards are then dealt out at the same time as the flop. The rest of the hand is played out as any normal No Limit Hold’em hand.

FLOOOP tables can be accessed straight from the main lobby:

You can then choose your stakes and the number of tables you wish to play.

Once you have reached the table, you will need to select the stack you wish to sit down with (between 25 and 50 times the ante):

A penalty system has been put in place in order to avoid players refusing to sit at certain tables by leaving and re-joining the tables. We consider that a player has refused to play if they have left the table having played less than 10 hands. The following penalties will be applied accordingly:

1st table left before playing 10 hands: no penalty
2nd table left: 1 minute penalty
3rd table left: 2 minute penalty
4th table: 5 minute penalty
5th table: 10 minutes
6th table: 20 minutes
7th table: 30 minutes
8th table: 60 minutes

All penalties accumulate and the counter will reset 12 hours later. Should a player sit at a table for under 10 hands due to the table being deleted prior to this, then no penalty will be given out.

Table Ante Buy-in
FLOOOP €0,50 €0.02 €0.50 to €1
FLOOOP €1 €0.04 €1 to €2
FLOOOP €2,50 €0.10 €2.50 to €5
FLOOOP €5 €0.20 €5 to €10
FLOOOP €10 €0.40 €10 to €20
FLOOOP €25 €1 €25 to €50
FLOOOP €50 €2 €50 to €100
FLOOOP €100 €4 €100 to €250
FLOOOP €250 €10 €250 to €500