Fight Club Challenge – with Adrián Mateos

The battle is about to start on our Fight Club tables. Our Team Winamax pro is challenging you from 25th February to 1st March 2020 on the heads-up cash game tables!

Fighting out of the red corner, we have the Spanish máquina who will show no mercy. Uppercut, arm lock, strangleholds; get ready to put up your fists because Adrián Mateos is here to win.

Your objective

Win as many hands as possible on the Fight Club tables (in a row, ideally), stack your opponents, and end the days of the Challenge with as much winnings as possible to crush the daily rankings!

There will be a grand final for the winners in the form of a heads-up shootout tournament with €5,000 to be shared out!

Just as a bonus, the winner will face Adrián Mateos heads-up. If the winner knocks him out, they will be credited €1,000 to their account.

Let’s get rrrreadyyy to rrrrumbleeeeeeee!

How it works

Every day, from 25th February to 1st March, play and score points on specific Fight Club tables (from €0.01/€0.02 to €2/€4).

1 hand won 1 point
1 hand won against Adrián Mateos 2 points
1 player stacked (to stack a player is to win all of their chips) 25 points
Stack Adrián Mateos 100 points
1 big blind of net winnings (no negative points are awarded for a net loss at the end of the day) 0.5 point
Bonuses according to the maximum number of hands won consecutively during the day*
5 hands won consecutively 10 points
6 hands won consecutively 20 points
7 hands won consecutively 30 points
8 hands won consecutively 40 points
9 hands won consecutively 60 points
10 or more hands won consecutively 100 points
*The bonuses for hands won consecutively are not cumulative.

The daily leaderboards

A daily leaderboard will rank players according to the stakes they have played. The players who finish ahead of Adrián in the daily leaderboard will qualify for the final (a maximum of 50 qualifiers per leaderboard).

The final – Heads-Up Shootout

The final of the Fight Club Challenge will be played as a Heads-Up Shootout. Players will take each other on head-to-head throughout the tournament. Every qualifier will receive a ticket to register to the tournament for free.

  • Monday 2nd March at 20:30 CET.
  • €5,000 to be won. Adrián will not play the final.

The duel against Adrián

The winner of the Shootout final will take on Adrián Mateos in a best of three Heads-Up match on Winamax to try and win a €1,000 prize!

The match will take place during the Winamax Poker Tour Madrid final, from 19th to 29th March. The date will be chosen according to Adrián’s performances in this festival. The match will be broadcast from Madrid

Multiple qualifications

For the top Fight Club combatants who qualify multiple times, cash bonuses will reward your performances (one bonus maximum per player):

Highest limit at which the player has qualified Double qualification Triple qualification or more
€0.02/€0.05 €5 -
€0.05/€0.10 €10 €20
€0.10/€0.20 or €0.15/€0.30 €20 €40
€0.25/€0.50 or €0.50/€1 €50 €100
€1/€2 or €2/€4 €200 €400

In accordance with the law, any prizes won as a bonus must be wagered in sports bets or on a poker table in order to withdraw these.