10 years of Expresso: make it rain diamonds!

Unlike "durrr", "Ziigmund" or "Isildur1", the username "sassa" is not that of a poker legend. And yet it is an integral part of the great history of our favourite game. On 11th July 2013, it was this username that won the very first Expresso. A tiny x2 jackpot on a €1 table that was probably quickly forgotten by the player concerned... but it did mark the start of a worldwide revolution.

A unique success in the poker landscape, Winamax's random jackpot turbo Sit&Go quickly attracted hundreds of thousands of fans. Less than a year after its creation on Winamax, it was being adopted by every online poker site in the world. Ten years on, it continues to change the lives of those lucky enough to land the most sought-after jackpot: the €1 million (or even €2 million!).

In order to celebrate 10 years of Expresso, Winamax is giving out 601 Diamonds to our players, coming to your tables from 11th July at the rate of one diamond for every 3 million Expresso. These diamonds will multiply the winnings of all players at the table!

Jackpot Expresso 10 ans

10 Years of Expresso Jackpot

Until 16th July 2023 inclusive, when you make your next deposit, enter the code 10EXPRESSO to try and win one of the many prizes on offer to celebrate 10 years of Expresso: refunded deposits and thousands of Expresso tickets.
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Total winnings


How does it work?

Diamonds are "bling-bling" Expresso that multiply your winnings up to x5,000. The more Expresso you play between two Diamonds, the higher your win multiplier.

All players who land on a Diamond table are rewarded.

Your aim will be to boost your multiplier and then launch an Expresso at the right moment to land on a Diamond!

A counter shows the progress of the promotion and counts down the number of Expresso before entering the Diamond Expresso draw phase. This phase is indicated by the display of the message "Diamond imminent" instead of the countdown.

The Diamond Expresso will be drawn during this "Diamond imminent" phase.

This phase lasts for 1,001 Expresso and straddles all Expresso in multiples of 5,000 between xxx,000,000th and xxx,000,000th Expresso.

Example: A "Diamond 10k" will be drawn between Expresso XXX,019,500 and xxx,020,500.

Details of the 571 Diamonds:

  • 300 "5K Diamonds" on Expresso no. 5,000, 15,000, 25,000, …, 2,995,000.
  • 270 "10k Diamonds" on Expresso no. 10,000, 20,000, 30,000, …, 2,990,000.
  • 27 "100k Diamonds" on Expresso no. 100,000, 200 000, 300,000, …, 2,900,000
  • 3 "Million Diamonds" on Expresso no. 1,000,000 and 2,000,000
  • 1 "10 Year Diamond" on Expresso no. 3,000,000

Your win multiplier in the event of victory

Number of Expresso played since the last Diamond* Diamond winnings multiplier
Diamond winnings multiplier
Diamond winnings multiplier
Diamond winnings multiplier million Diamond winnings multiplier
10 years
1 x 8 x 12 x 40 x 120 x 400
2 x 10 x 15 x 50 x 150 x 500
3 x 12 x 18 x 60 x 180 x 600
4 x 14 x 21 x 70 x 210 x 700
8 x 16 x 24 x 80 x 240 x 800
12 x 20 x 30 x 100 x 300 x 1,000
20 x 24 x 36 x 120 x 360 x 1,200
30 x 30 x 45 x 150 x 450 x 1,500
50 x 36 x 54 x 180 x 540 x 1,800
70 x 40 x 60 x 200 x 600 x 2,000
100 x 50 x 75 x 250 x 750 x 2,500
150 x 60 x 90 x 300 x 900 x 3,000
200 x 70 x 105 x 350 x 1,050 x 3,500
250 x 80 x 120 x 400 x 1,200 x 4,000
300 and over x 100 x 150 x 500 x 1,500 x 5,000

Expresso are counted per buy-in. If you play €2 Expresso, they will not count towards your multiplier if you land on a Diamond when starting a €10 Expresso.

Your multiplier for each buy-in is displayed in the Expresso lobby.

Winnings for of 2nd and 3rd places

The Diamond also rewards the unfortunate 2nd and 3rd.

  • Diamond 5k: Winnings 2nd and 3rd = (1st place prize money x multiplier) /3
  • Diamond 10k: Winnings 2nd and 3rd = (1st place prize money x multiplier) /3
  • Diamond 100k: Winnings 2nd and 3rd = (1st place prize money x multiplier) /5
  • Diamond million: Winnings 2nd and 3rd = (1st place prize money x multiplier) /10
  • Diamond 10 years: Winnings 2nd and 3rd = (1st place prize money x multiplier) /10

In the case of large jackpots (50x and more), you will also win the prize for 2nd or 3rd.


You have played 15 €10 Expresso since the last Diamond. You land on a 100k Diamond by playing a €10 Expresso, so you have a x100 multiplier. The prize is €50.

If you win, you win: €50 x 100 = €5,000.

If you finish 2nd or 3rd, you win: $$\frac{50\: €\: x\: 100}{5} = 1000\: €$$


  • - All Expresso started since the start of the last Diamond are counted, even if they have not been completed.
  • - When you land on a Diamond, it is counted as an Expresso when calculating your winnings. You therefore have at least an 8x multiplier for the 5k Diamond, 12x for the 10k Diamond, 40x for the 100k Diamond, 120x for the million Diamond and 400x for the 10-year Diamond.
  • - The maximum win for a player on a Diamond is limited to €1,000,000 (if a player's winnings with their multiplier exceed this amount, they will be reduced to €1,000,000).
  • - For the first Diamond (just after Expresso n°xxx 000 000), Expresso started from xxx,xxx,000th Expresso are counted towards your multiplier.
  • - The Diamond Expresso draw phases begin 500 Expresso before and end 500 Expresso after multiples of 5,000 between the xxx,000,000th and xxx,xxx,000th Expresso, i.e. between XXX,XX9,500th and XXX XX0,500th Expresso.
  • - Any form of association between players in order to increase their chances of winning a Diamond Expresso is strictly forbidden.

The Diamonds

Click on the Expresso number to see the Diamond again.