Expresso Mundo - You’ll be cheering for the whole world!

In order to celebrate the incoming World Cup, Winamax is offering you the chance to also score a few goals in the Expresso tournaments and to win match prizes; up to 100 times your buy-in!

Collect all flags from the 32 countries taking part in the competition on your 2x Expresso tournaments and score as many goals as your teams in each group stage match. The higher your goals counter climbs, the bigger the prizes!

How does it work?

Untill 28th of June 2018, each time you play a 2x multiplier Expresso (minimum prize), the prizepool will generate one of the 32 Expresso Mundo flags at random for this Expresso (not all flags have the same probability of appearing, see the probabilities below).

Whoever wins the Expresso takes the flag, which will automatically be added to the winner’s collection.

My collection

At the end of every World Cup group stage match, players will score a number of goals equal to the number of goals scored by the team(s) in their flag collection. The flags for the countries that played against each other are then taken away from the players who owned them.

Example: you win the Russian flag on 14th of June at 15:00 CET, and the Saudi Arabia – Russia group stage match taking place on 14/06 at 17:00 CET ends in a 3-3 tie. In this case, you would score 3 goals and you would then lose your Russian flag from your collection. You could then try to win the Russian flag again before their next match.

Players cannot accumulate two of the same flag at once, however it is possible to win it again each time the country in question finishes one of its group stage matches.

Once the group stages are over (28th of June at 23:59 CET), the remaining flags in the players’ collections will score them one goal if the country is qualified for the round of 16.

The more goals you score, the bigger the prizes!


Buy-in 20 goals 50 goals 80 goals 110 goals 150 goals
€1 1 ticket €1 2x €1 tickets 5x €1 tickets €20 €100
€2 1 ticket €2 2x €2 tickets 5x €2 tickets €40 €200
€5 1 ticket €5 2x €5 tickets 5x €5 tickets €100 €500
€10 1 ticket €10 2x €10 tickets 5x €10 tickets €200 €1,000
€25 1 ticket €25 2x €25 tickets 5x €25 tickets €500 €2,500
€50 1 ticket €50 2x €50 tickets 5x €50 tickets €1,000 €5,000
€100 1 ticket €100 2x €100 tickets 5x €100 tickets €2,000 €10,000
€250 1 ticket €250 2x €250 tickets 5x €250 tickets €5,000 €25,000

Prizes will automatically be credited once a player reaches the required amount of goals for a certain prize. The maximum prize will be credited within 48 hours, after verification.

Flag draw probabilities on 2x Expresso tournaments

When a 2x Expresso is launched, there will be a random draw to determine the flag to be won through the prizepool of this Expresso. Some flags will be rarer than others:

Country Probabilities
Brazil 1%
Germany 1%
Spain 1%
France 1%
Argentina 1.5%
Belgium 1.5%
England 1.5%
Portugal 1.5%
Uruguay 2%
Colombia 2%
Croatia 2%
Russia 2%
Poland 2.5%
Switzerland 2.5%
Denmark 2.5%
Mexico 2.5%
Swede 3%
Serbia 3%
Egypt 3%
Senegal 3%
Nigeria 4%
Iceland 4%
Peru 4%
Japan 4%
Australia 5%
Morocco 5%
Costa Rica 5%
Tunisia 5%
Iran 6%
South Korea 6%
Saudi Arabia 6%
Panama 6%


  • The player must have the country’s flag at the end of the match in order to score the team’s goals. Expresso tournaments still running at the end of the match will not be counted.
  • You cannot lose a team’s flag if they have not played a match yet.
  • Expresso Qualifiers are not eligible for the Expresso Mundo promotion