Koh-Lanta Expresso: the adventure starts here!

Fellow adventurer, welcome to the archipelago of the Koh-Lanta Expresso. Until 19th May, you will be the hero. Do you have what it takes to reach the end of the adventure?

Just like on the iconic TV show, you will have to string together victories in the 2x jackpots to get away from the Red Tribe before joining the White tribe, and then you'll need to win a spot in the Orientation Race, in the hopes of reaching the daunting Post Challenge. Indeed, you will have to venture into the dark heart of the Expresso jungle, make it out of the bad beats mangrove unscathed, avoid the traps along the coin flips lagoon and know how to plead your case during the fateful Tribal Councils. 

At the end of the adventure: up to 10x the amount of your buy-in! And you can jump off the boat to head to shore as many times as you want. And without having to travel to the other side of the world!

2 tribes, 10 adventurers in each, let's go!

  •   PHASE 1: RED TRIBE (yours!) versus YELLOW TRIBE

    The adventure starts on the Red Tribe. On your next x2 Expresso, you will randomly come across one of the following 3 types of tables:

    Immunity Expresso
    (odds: 90 %)

    • If you win an Immunity Expresso, congratulations! The opposing tribe, Yellow, loses a member. You are on the right track. The adventure continues with your next Expresso x2!
    • If you finish 2nd or 3rd in an Immunity Expresso, ouch! Your tribe (the Reds) goes to Tribe Council. A draw is made. If you win the draw, phew: you are saved, while another member of your tribe is eliminated. The adventure continues with your next Expresso x2!. If you lose the draw, tough luck: you're out of the game. But you can start again from the beginning with your next Expresso x2.



    Comfort Expresso
    (odds: 5 %)

    • If you win a Comfort Expresso, congratulations! You win a random bonus, awarded in cash or Miles, or a Freebet.
    • If you finish 2nd or 3rd in a Comfort Expresso, no problem! You are not eliminated, and the adventure continues with the next Expresso x2!
    Prize Probability
    0.1x buy-in cash prize 20%
    0.5x buy-in cash prize 5%
    Freebet worth 0.1x of Expresso buy-in 40%

    Freebet worth 0.5x of Expresso buy-in

    10 Miles x buy-in 20%
    30 Miles x buy-in 5%


    Necklace Expresso
    (odds: 5 %)

    • If you win a Necklace Expresso, congratulations! You win an Immunity Necklace, which you can use to avoid elimination during the next Tribe Council if you lose an Immunity Expresso.
    • If you finish 2nd or 3rd in a Necklace Expresso, don't feel bad! You are not eliminated, and the adventure continues with the next x2 Expresso!

    When there are only 10 adventurers left in all the Red and Yellow tribes, head for phase 2 from your next Expresso x2!


    10 adventurers, a single tribe: we are getting closer to the goal! Phase 2 takes place in the same way as the previous one... but with fewer adventurers and one tribe less!


      Just like in Phase 1, you will have to win Immunity Expressos to progress and avoid elimination at the Tribal Council. The Necklace Expresso will provide you with immunity necklaces to keep from being eliminated at the Tribal Council, and the Comfort Expresso will earn you bonuses. 

      If your adventure ends during Phase 2, you still win a bonus! (See table with earnings at the bottom of the page). 

    When there are only 5 adventurers left in your tribe, you'll head to Phase 3, following your next 2x Expresso!



    In the Orientation Race, the objective is to win one of the 3 daggers available.

    In order to do so, you must first win a Marker Expresso, then a Beacon Expresso and finally a Dagger Expresso.

    Be careful: each defeat (2nd or 3rd in an Expresso x2) makes a dagger disappear. Therefore, you can only be defeated up to twice in order to succeed in the Orientation Race. In other words, you have a maximum of 5 attempts (5 Expressos x2) to complete the Orientation Race

    • If you don't manage to win the dagger, too bad! You are out of the adventure... but you win a prize (see prize table at the bottom of the page).
    • If you win the dagger, congratulations! You're a great adventurer... and the final test can start as soon as you get your next x2 Expresso!



      You’re almost there. Tension is in the air! Congratulations on making it to the fateful Post Challenge.

      The Post Challenge is played over the course of a single x2 Expresso. Of course, you have to win in order to be crowned the best adventurer of Koh-Lanta... But even if you lose, you will be rewarded! (See prize table below).


At the end of the adventure: up to 25x the amount of your buy-in! And you can jump off the boat to head to shore as many times as you want. And without having to travel to the other side of the world! In Koh-Lanta Expresso, the rewards are cumulative. If you reach phase 2 (White Tribe), you will immediately be credited with a win of 0.5x your buy-in. If you reach phase 3 (Orientation), you will receive an additional 1x your buy-in. These winnings will be added to the prize won with the Post Challenge.

Rank Prizes
Winner of Koh-Lanta (Post Challenge) 10x Expresso buy-in
2nd in Koh-Lanta (Post Challenge) 5x your Expresso buy-in
3rd in Koh-Lanta (Post Challenge) 3x your Expresso buy-in
4th or 5th (Orientation Race) 1x your Expresso buy-in
6th, 7th, 8th, 9th or 10th (White Tribe) 0.5x your Expresso buy-in

points importants   Tips and info

  • The Koh-Lanta Expresso promotion will be taking place from 2nd to 19th May.
  • You’ll have unlimited entries throughout the promotion.
  • The Koh-Lanta adventure can only be played in the Red Tribe.
  • The Koh-Lanta adventure is only played on Expresso tables with a x2 multiplier. When you get a multiplier other than x2, you play a classic Expresso, which won't affect your journey in the Koh-Lanta adventure.
  • To progress in your Koh Lanta adventure, you must always play at the same buy-in level. Example: If you start the adventure on a €2 Expresso, you must continue to play €2 Expressos to continue the adventure. If you play an Expresso with a different buy-in, a new adventure will beging. This new adventure will be independent of any other adventure(s) already started.
  • Multitabling: when you play several 2x Expressos simultaneously, the adventure progresses in the order that your tables close. Example: you're playing 4 tables and are eliminated from the adventure on one of them. Automatically, the adventure goes back to the starting point on the remaining 3 tables, with 10 members in each tribe. Note: When several Expressos finish in rapid succession, the closing Expresso animation (and your progress) is launched on the first table to close. The other tables are put on hold briefly until the animation ends. 
  • Immunity necklaces: it is possible to win more than one and to accumulate them. Immunity necklaces won in Phase 1 can only be used in Phase 1 of the adventure. Immunity necklaces won in Phase 2 can only be used in Phase 2 of the adventure.
  • When you lose an Immunity Expresso, the probability of being eliminated during the Tribe Council is (3 / how many adventurers are left in your tribe. This probability applies to both Phase 1 and Phase 2 Immunity Expressos.
  • If you stop your Expresso session in the middle of a Koh-Lanta adventure, your progress is preserved. You can resume your adventure at any time during the promotion.
  • Each player's adventure is independent of the others. Example: You have reached phase 2. One of your two opponents may well be playing phase 1, while the other is already at the Post Challenge!
  • You can disable the animations with a single click in the Expresso lobby.
  • Prizes given out throughout the Koh-Lanta Expresso promotion are entirely offered by Winamax. They are not generated through rake.
Visite guidée winamax section cash game

  • Visite guidée WinamaxThis counter shows the number of adventurers left in each tribe: the Reds (yours) and the Yellows.  The reunification (phase 2) starts when there are only 10 adventurers left in total. The number of remaining adventurers is also shown in phase 2. 

  • Visite guidée WinamaxWhen you win an Immunity Necklace, it will be displayed here.You can win more than one. (phases 1 and 2).

  • Visite guidée WinamaxThis shows the type of Expresso you are playing in phases 1 and 2: Immunity, Comfort or Collar.