Euro Handball Challenge – €10,000 to be won

From 12th to 28th of January, your biggest winning bets on the Handball Euro 2016 will be counted towards our two leaderboards each rewarding the 50 best bettors.

How does it work?

The Euro Hand Challenge applies to all matches in the European Handball Championship taking place from 12th to 28th of January 2018.

Each time you win a bet place on one or more matches in the European Championship, you will score a number of points equal to your net winnings. If place your bet in-play then your points will be doubled!

A leaderboard will be established for the preliminary round and a second leaderboard for the main round and the knockout stage with a €5,000 prizepool each, for a total of €10,000 on the European Championship!

Leaderboards prizepool

Ranking Prize Pool
1st 1 000
2nd 800
3rd 650
4th 500
5th 375
6th 275
7th 200
8th 150
9th to 10th 100
11th to 13th 75
14th to 16th 50
17th to 25th 25
26th to 50th 10


  • You will win 1 point per euro won net on your winning bets. Your points will be double on your in-play bets. An accumulator or system bet is considered as “in-play” when all selections of the bet is “in-play”. For example, if you bet €20 with odds of 3.5/1 in-play and the bet wins, you will win €50 net (3.5*€20 - €20) and score 100 points.
  • Only bets applying to matches in the European Championship will be counted. The “Competition winner” bet is not counted for this challenge.
  • Losing bets are not counted.
  • In the case of a draw between multiple players, the following rule will be applied: the winnings of the players whom are tied will be equal to the sum of their winnings of the players concerned divided by the number of players who have tied.
  • Bets made using free bets are not counted.
  • Prizes will be credited to all winning accounts for the rankings of the preliminary round on Monday 22nd of January at the latest and on Monday 29th of January for the main round.