Combo Booster – Double your winnings thanks to your combination bets!

Winamax is boosting your winnings thanks to the Combo Booster promotion! You can take advantage of a cash bonus as long as your accumulator bet includes 4 selections (3 selections for In-Play bets), and this bonus increases each time you add a selection so you can reach 100% of your winnings!

How does it work?

The Combo Booster promotion applies to all matches available on (all sports and all types of bets). Your net winnings will be boosted by 5% for an accumulator with 4 selections, and by 100% for an accumulator with 20 selections!

Your In-Play bets will boost your bonus even faster! Starting with a 5% bonus for a combination bet with 3 In-Play selections, and going up to a 100% bonus for a combination bet with 12 In-Play selections or more!

For example, if you place a pre-match €10 accumulator bet with 15 selections with total odds of 8/1 and your bet comes through, you will have €80 in net winnings thanks to the 50% combo booster x €70 (net winnings) extra, for a total of €115!

Points system

Number of selections Bonus in percentage of net winnings Bonus on In-Play accumulators in percentage of net winnings
3   5%
4 2.5% 10%
5 5% 15%
6 7.5% 20%
7 10% 30%
8 12.5% 40%
9 15% 50%
10 20% 60%
11 25% 80%
12 30% 100%
13 45% 100%
14 40% 100%
15 50% 100%
16 60% 100%
17 70% 100%
18 80% 100%
19 90% 100%
20 et plus 100% 100%

If you mix In-Play and pre-match selections in your accumulator, then it is the biggest booster (global or In-Play) which will be taken into account. For example, if you accumulator has 7 selections with 5 In-Play selections, you will have a 15% bonus (the bonus for 5 In-Play selections being 15% and thus superior to the 12.5% bonus for 7 selections).


  • Selections with odds inferior to 1.10/1 are not counted. Thus, if you make a combination bet with 5 matches including 4 selections with odds of 2/1 and one selection with odds of 1.05/1, then your bonus will correspond to that of a combination bet with 4 selections.
  • If a selection is cancelled, the bonus will be recalculated in order to correspond with the number of valid selections in the combination bet. For example, if you place a combination bet on 7 selections that include a selection that has been cancelled, then your bonus will correspond to that of a combination bet with 6 selections.
  • In regards to the Combo Booster, a MyMatch bet is considered as being a single selection.
  • System bets are considered as a set of independent accumulator bets. The bonus displayed corresponds to the sum of all bonuses from all accumulator bets within the system bet.
  • The Combo Booster bonus does not count towards the net winnings limit for a €200,000 bet (article 6.7 of the sports betting Terms). Therefore, you can win up to €400,000 on a bet through the combo booster (€200,000 net winnings + €200,000 bonus).
  • The Combo Booster bonus will only be credited to your account once your account has been fully validated (documents verified and validation code entered).
  • The Combo Booster is credited in the form of a bonus of up to €500 and in cash for anything over €500. The bonuses must be wagered in sports betting or poker before being withdrawn.