Combo Booster – Double your winnings thanks to your combination bets!

Time to start this year with a bang thanks to the many exciting sporting events coming up, including the Olympics and the World Cup… and just to make sure we have the perfect kick-off, Winamax is boosting your winnings on your combination bets. For every winning combination bet, you will receive a cash bonus according to the number of selections included in your combination bet. The more you have, the bigger the bonus!

This makes it a great time to take advantage of the Australian Open or the European Handball Championship to boost your winnings!

How does it work?

The Combo Booster offer takes place from Monday 15th to Sunday 21st of January 2018. This applies to all matches available on (all sports and all types of bets).

For every combination bet that involves at least three selections, your winnings will be boosted, starting at a 5% bonus for a combination bet with 3 selections, and going up to a 100% bonus for a combination bet with 15 selections or more!

For example, if you bet €10 on a combination bet with 12 selections with total odds of 8/1 and your bet comes through, you will have €80 in net winnings thanks to the 50% combo booster x €70 (net winnings) extra, for a total of €115!

Points systemLe barème
Number of selections Bonus in percentage of net winnings
3 5 %
4 7.5 %
5 10 %
6 15 %
7 20 %
8 25 %
9 30 %
10 35 %
11 40 %
12 50 %
13 60 %
14 75 %
15 100 %


  • Selections with odds inferior to 1.10/1 are not counted. Thus, if you make a combination bet with 5 matches including 4 selections with odds of 2/1 one selection with odds of 1.05/1, then your bonus will correspond to that of a combination bet with 4 selections.
  • System bets are not counted. All in –play and normal bet-types are counted (match result, number of games, etc.).
  • If a selection is cancelled, the bonus will be recalculated in order to correspond with the number of valid selections in the combination bet. For example, if you place a combination bet on 7 selections that include a selection that has been cancelled, then your bonus will correspond to that of a combination bet with 6 selections.