Clutch Player – €5,000 to be won per match!

Clutch player

After the hotly contested Conference Finals, it is now time for the NBA finals. You could win €5,000 on every match thanks to the scorers.

How does it work?

Clutch Player applies to all matches in the NBA finals.

In order to win the €5,000 put in play on every match, you must guess the top scorer of the match, along with the number of points they will score throughout the match.

Place a minimum €10 bet on the highest scorer of a match. The cents of your bet will determine the number of points you wish to predict. For example, if you bet €12.41 on James to be top scorer, then you will win if James is the top scorer of the match and scores a total of 41 points.

If your “Highest scorer” bet comes through and you correctly guess the number of points to be scored by the player of your choice then the €5,000 are yours!

Bet on the NBA finals


  • Only €10 minimum pre-match single bets on “Highest scorer of the match” will be counted.
  • There are no limits to the number of bets that can be placed per player.
  • Both decimals of your bet will determine your prediction for the number of points to be scored by your player.
  • If two players end the game having scored the same number of points, bets on both these players will be eligible for the offer. If a bettor places a bet on both these players to score the same number of points and this comes through, then they will win two parts of the prize.
  • If multiple bettors guess the correct top scorer of the match and the number of points, the bettors will share the €5,000 equally.
  • Bets made with free bets, accumulator bets and system bets are not counted.