Sit&Go Challenge

€4,000 in prizes each week!

Win on the Sit & Go tables and grind your way to the top of our weekly Sit & Go Challenge leader board, with over €4000 in cash guaranteed! The challenge runs from Fridays at 00:00 CET through Thursdays at 23:59 CET and ranks players according to total winnings over the period on real-money sit & go tables.


The Sit&Go Challenge has 4 stakes levels

Buy-in less than or equal to €4
Buy-in from €4 to €15
Buy-in from €15 to €40
Buy-in superior to €40

Click on the limit of your choice to view the current rankings


The final player ranking is established at the end of each week (Thursdays after 23:59 CET). Players in each category having accumulated the most points over the period will share more than €4,000 in cash prizes!

An individual player can participate in multiple limit categories and can therefore win cash in multiple categories



I take part in the "Low Limits" challenge.

I finish in the money in a €10 NLHE Double or Nothing, winning €18.80 for a net profit of €8.80, or 0.88 of a buy-in.

I finish 5th in a €5 Pot Limit Omaha SNG (10 players), losing 1 buy-in.

I finish 1st in a €5 SNG (10 players), winning €22.50 for a net profit of €17.50, or 3.5 buy-ins.

This therefore gives me 0.88 buy-in – 1 buy-in + 3.5 buy-ins = 3.38 buy-ins.


The bonuses

In each of the stakes levels, the best players win the cash prizes below.

  High limits Medium limits Low limits Micro limits
1st €475 €275 €150 €75
2nd €325 €200 €100 €50
3rd €225 €150 €75 €35
4th €175 €100 €50 €25
5th €150 €75 €35 €20
6th €125 €75 €35 €20
7th €100 €75 €35 €20
8th €75 €50 €25 €15
9th to 10th €50 €50 €25 €15
11th to 15th - €30 €15 €10
16th to 20th - €20 €10 €5


Important information

  • A buy-in is equal to the entry fee of the Sit & Go.
  • With the exception of Expresso games, all real-money Sit & Go tables with cash up for grabs are eligible: Hold’em and Omaha, No Limit, Pot Limit, Limit and all buy-in amounts and formats (Déglingos, Heads-up, Shorthanded, full-ring, Sit&Go Killer, 30 players, Double or nothing, etc.).
  • Sit&Go Killer bounties are considered winnings (like paid places in regular Sit&Go games).
  • In case two or more players have the same number of points in the same stakes level, the player having played the fewer Sit & Go tournaments will have the higher ranking.
  • The bonuses will be credited to player accounts no later than the Tuesday following the end of the challenge period.