PLAY MONEY Tournament Challenge

PLAY MONEY Tournament Challenge

Who will be player of the week?

Accumulate points in our free tournaments for the honorary rankings. The points are calculated according to which position you finish in a tournament.


How points are calculated

Each time you participate in a play money tournament the formula as follows applies:

n: the number of participants
p: your final position in the tournament
b: buy-in (or average buy-in for a rebuy tournament, or buy-in + bounty for a knockout tournament)

The rankings count the 10 best performances in tournaments for each player throughout the week from Friday morning at 00:01 CET to Thursday evening at 23:59 CET.

In order for a tournament to be counted, the tournament must have started during the week it is counted for. Any tournament having started after the end of this period will be counted for the following week. Performances cannot be reported to the following week.