The Challenges - Over €12,000 to be won every day!

Whether you are a tournament, Sit & Go or cash game player, you can find challenges on Winamax that reward you for playing your favourite games:

Cash Game

The Cash Game Challenge

Earn rewards as one of the most assiduous players on Winamax. €1,500 to play for every day


The Sit & Go Challenge

The ultimate compensation for the biggest winners. More than €500 in daily bonus cash.

Expresso Challenge

Expresso Challenge

A fast-paced Challenge with €10,000 to be won every day for the biggest winners in Expresso!

Grand Prix

The Grand Prix

Prove to everyone that you are the Winamax tournament champion and climb up the honorary leaderboards!

Play Money

The Play Money Challenges

Become our player of the week by climbing up our honorary rankings of the tournament, cash or Sit&Go challenges