Cashout or enhance your bet? Change your mind at any time!

You can now change your mind at any time on Winamax by cashing out your bet or enhancing your bet by adding a new selection.


You can decide to Cashout a bet you have placed at any time, either partially or in its entirety. The amount offered varies according to the status of your bet (this amount can be inferior or superior to your initial wager). You can Cashout your single and accumulator bets. In order to find your bets that are eligible for Cashout, click on the “Cashout” button in your basket.

After choosing to Cashout on a bet, you will be able to select the amount you wish to sell back through the slider which will appear under the bet. Thus, you can Cashout a certain amount of your bet and keep the rest of the wager placed.

Once the Cashout has been completed, the funds are immediately credited to your account.

Enhance a bet

You can also enhance an active bet for free (single or accumulator) by adding one or more selections to your bet at any time. The odds of your active bet is then multiplied by the odds of the new selection(s) so that you are offered new odds for your bet.

For example, if you place an accumulator bet on three matches with odds of 5/1, you can decide to enhance your bet with Croatia to win against Argentina with odds of 4/1 before the end of the first match. Your new odds for the enhanced bet will be 5x4 = 20.

In order to enhance your bet, head to “My bets” and click on “Ongoing”. You can select the active bet you wish to enhance by clicking on “Enhance your bet”. Your bet will then be placed in your basket. You can add selections of your choice and validate your new accumulator bet for free.

Terms and conditions

  1. Cashout
    1. Cashout allows players to “sell back” an ongoing bet (single or accumulator) before the end of the bet when this is eligible for Cashout.
    2. Only ongoing bets are eligible for Cashout.
    3. The amount offered for a Cashout can be inferior or superior to the initial wager, but cannot be superior to the total potential winnings of the bet. The Cashout amount is updated in real-time according to the development of the bet.
    4. Once a Cashout has been validated, the funds will immediately be made available on the player’s account.
    5. It is possible to make a partial Cashout. That is to say, it is possible to sell back only a part of a bet by selecting a smaller amount than that offered by using the slider displayed. The bet will still be considered as “ongoing” with the same odds and a wager equal to (amount of partial Cashout/total amount offered)* initial wager.
    6. It is possible to make multiple partial Cashouts on the same bet.
    7. All bets placed that are eligible for Cashout can be found in the “Cashout” section.
    8. Once a Cashout has been made, the bet will be displayed in the “My bets” section.
    9. Once a Cashout has been made, Miles are attributed according to the VIP Program terms.
    10. Players may not Cashout on Freebets.
    11. The Cashout may not be available for all bets and during certain stages of a match. If no Cashout is proposed, the players cannot claim a refund.
    12. Cashout is not available for bets made on competition results
    13. Challenges will specify in the terms and conditions of the challenge itself whether or not Cashouts are accepted as part of the rules.
    14. It is not possible to use Cashout on a MyMatch bet.
    15. You cannot make a Cashout with a system bet 
  2. Enhance bet
    1. It is possible to add one or more selections to an ongoing bet (single or accumulator). The odds for the bet will then be equal to the initial odds multiplied by the product of the odds of the new selections.
    2. The option to enhance your bet is available for all ongoing bets in the “My bets” section.
    3. System bets cannot be enhanced.
    4. It is possible to enhance an ongoing bet multiple times.
    5. In order for the new selections to be validated, the bet must not go over the gaming limits set by Winamax according to the different competitions and the type of bet.
    6. Miles earned for an Enhanced bet will be calculated from the initial odds of the bet.
    7. When you enhance your bet, the combo booster will be recalculated every time you add a selection.
    8. Challenges will specify in the terms and conditions of the challenge itself whether or not enhanced bets are accepted as part of the rules.