Cash Games (CG)

Happy Hours, Hold Up, Incognito tables, short track

Cash game: poker in its purest form. Here, you start and stop playing whenever you want, however you want. There’s a free seat at the table? Sit down and play straight away! The game stops when you decide. Your chips represent real money and are taken directly from your account balance. Be careful not to lose your shirt!

Winamax offers No Limit Texas Hold’em (the most popular game of our time) and Pot Limit Omaha (four hole cards) cash games, as well as loads of other variants, and they’re available for all budgets, from our “micro limits” tables with blinds of €0.01/€0.02 (maximum buy-in of €2) up to “high stakes” games of €25/€50 (€5,000 buy-in)!

You can also find enjoyment in the Winamax Challenges such as the Cash Game Challenge!

If you are discovering these games for the first time, don’t panic, we’ll help you get started.


The tables

Play poker head-to-head, just you and your opponent, mano a mano.

Super Short Handed 
Three players per table for a dynamic game of poker. Don’t get too out of line!

Short Handed 
One of the most popular formats, with five players per table creating games with a swinging rhythm.

Full ring
The more the merrier: full ring tables are played at full tables of up to 9 per table.


The formats

No ante
Regular tables where we pay the blinds (small and big blind) once per orbit.

Add a little spice to your games by playing with antes, obligatory bets which are added to the blinds in every hand.

The perfect place to make your first foray: beginner tables are reserved for novice players for the first 30 days after creating their account.

Short Track 
You have a maximum of just 5 big blinds at the beginning of the game: adrenaline and all-ins guaranteed!

Poker for the impatient. Play in top gear!

Fight Club
Step into the arena! At these tables, our opponent changes after each hand.

Want to play in a mask? At Incognito tables the player names are invisible.


The variants

Texas Hold’em (No-Limit)
Texas Hold’em (Limit)
Pot-Limit Omaha 4 card (PLO)
Pot-Limit Omaha 5 card (PLO5)
Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo (PLO8)
Limit Omaha Hi-Lo (LO8)
Seven Card Stud (high)
Stud Hi-Lo (Stud8)
Deuce to Seven Triple Draw (2-7)
Dealer Choice