Cash Game Bingo

Winamax brings another innovation to your cash games.

Bingo: 100,000 euros to win

Bingo is here to stay! Bingo cards will remain available permanently at your Winamax cash game tables, even though the €100,000 promised was paid out long ago!

This week’s winners

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Total prizes paid out



How does it work?

Like regular Bingo, but with poker cards!

When playing at cash game tables, you now have a Bingo card of 14 slots to complete with the hands you are dealt during your session.

You can find your Bingo card by clicking on “Bingo” in the tool bar or by opening the table chat.

You’ll have a personal Bingo card for each Cash Game table (including Go Fast). In Hold’em, only the 2 hole cards you’re dealt each hand are used to complete the Bingo card. In other variants, it is the first 2 hole cards you’re dealt each hand which count.

You must complete your Bingo card within 50 hands, but be warned, if a slot has already been checked, it will be unchecked if the card is dealt to you again. Once all 14 slots are checked, BINGO!

If you have not completed your Bingo card within 50 hands, you will be given a new card to be completed within the next 50 hands.

You always have the option of resetting your card at any time by clicking on the “New Bingo card” button. You will receive a new card at the start of the next hand.


How prizes are calculated

The value of your Bingo is calculated according to the formula below:

The bonus Miles earned during Happy Hours are not taken into account when calculating your Bingo prize. 


In addition to your 14 slot Bingo card, you also have a “Booster” hand. If you receive this exact hand during your Bingo session, your win is multiplied by 10.
Just like the Bingo card, the Booster hand is reset every 50 hands played or when you choose the “New Bingo card” option. Once activated, the Booster is not unchecked if you receive the hand again during the Bingo session.

In other variants than Hold'em, the Booster hand represents the first 2 hole cards dealt to you each hand.