Australian Open Pyramid

In order to win the €10.000 in Freebets up for grabs, you will need to win all your bets and survive until the final!

How does it work?

The Pyramide promotion applies to all men’s and women’s singles matches in the Australian Open taking place from 16th to 29th January 2023.

Try to survive throughout the Australian Open tournament to win €10.000 in Freebets. For every round of the tournament (men’s and women’s) you must win a bet with odds of at least 4.00 (single or accumulator bet, pre-match or In-Play).

What’s more, the further the tournament progresses, the less tries you will have to win this bet. Only those who manage to win a bet with odds of at least 4.00 will go to the next round and be in with a chance of winning €10.000 en Freebets!

Round Number of tries
1st round 10 tries
2nd round 8 tries
3rd round 6 tries
Round of 16 4 tries
Quarter finals 3 tries
Semi-finals 2 tries
Final 1 tries

Therefore, only your first X bets will be taken into account according to the progression of the tournament. For example, if you win a bet with odds of 5.50 on the first round of matches on your 6th attempt, you will then have 8 tries to win a bet with odds of at least 4.00 on the second round of matches in order to survive and go to the 3rd round.

Only wagers of €5 minimum ending in .23 cents will be counted (example: €5.23 or €15.23).

At the end of the tournament, the bettors who have managed to win a bet with odds of at least 4.00 in every round will share the €10,000 up for grabs. Should none of the bettors manage to survive throughout the tournament, then the bettors who have reached the highest round will share out the €10,000 equally. How many of you will survive?

Bet on the Australian Open

Qualified for each round


  • Bets made using Freebets will not be counted.
  • Cashout bets and Enhanced bets will be counted as a failed attempt.
  • MyMatch bets will be counted.
  • System bets will not be counted.
  • In order to be counted, the wager must end in .23.
  • Bets with odds inferior to 4.00 will not be counted. For example, a bet will not be qualified if the odds change from 4.89 to 3.67 due to a surrendered game.
  • A single bet can include selections for matches in the singles men’s and women’s tournaments in the same round.
  • Should a bet include matches from multiple different rounds, this will not be counted.
  • Bets placed on matches in the doubles tournaments (men’s, women’s and mixed) will not be counted.
  • “Tournament winner” bets will not be counted.
  • Boosted odds will not be counted.
  • Prizes will be credited on Friday, 1st February.