Are you a responsible gamer?

Most players consider the game of poker as a hobby and are in complete control of their actions. However, there is a minority of players who are more susceptible to addiction, creating problems that affect their lives and the lives of those close to them. Often such players are not aware that they have a problem as gaming addiction leaves no physical signs like those found in cases of drug or alcohol dependence.

In order to avoid developing excessive or pathological playing habits, we advise our players to learn how to spot the symptoms and risks by following the guidelines below:

  • Symptoms of problem gambling

    • Spending too much time playing.
    • Spending more and more money on gaming.
    • A belief that gaming is a good way to become rich.
    • Borrowing money to play and having trouble paying it back.
    • Lack of interest for other leisure activities.
    • Neglecting family and friends in favor of playing.
    • Putting the present game above future activities.
    • Playing more and more to regain losses.
    • Lying to others about their activity.
    • Becoming unusually irritable, somber, distressed etc.
    • Often feeling the need to play as a way of relieving stress, boredom or escaping day to day life.
    • Neglecting or abandoning studies or work due to a lack of energy and motivation.
  • Our advice

    • Be aware that PLAYING USES LOTS OF ENERGY! It uses a lot more energy that we realize so we have to be careful how long and how often we play.
    • Tiredness affects our ability to think clearly and this can lead to poor decision making. Make sure that the amount of time spent playing does not interfere with the other activities and responsibilities you may have.
    • Prevent minors from accessing gaming sites. Do not use password memorizers if minors or problem gamblers have access to your computer.
    • Set reasonable gaming limits that do not exceed your budget or available free time.
    • Be wary of having constant access to the internet.
    • Make sure you continue to respect the value of the money you are wagering, despite the relative ease with which you can use a credit card on the internet.
    • If you lose, do not say, “Okay, one more deposit and I’ll regain my losses”. Take the time to compose yourself and only play again once you are in the right state of mind.
    • Online gaming is not a way of escaping personal or family problems.
    • If you think you have a problem with gaming do not be ashamed, take action. Speak to someone close to you or with a specialist.
    • If you or someone close to you may be at risk of becoming addicted to gaming or is already a problem gambler, please contact us directly:
    • French residents can seek help from a specialist in gambling addiction by calling +33 09 74 75 13 13.

Set your limits!

In addition to the mandatory gaming limits required by French law, Winamax provides a NUMBER OF EXCLUSIVE OPTIONS to help you better manage your money and playing time.

Setting limits on your account is an effective method of managing your playing habits. We therefore encourage you to use these tools. You can change your limits at any time however, if you increase your limits then a 48 hour cooling off period is required before they come into effect as required by law.


If you would like to view, set or modify your gaming limits, you must first log in to your account.

You can view your gaming limits directly from the Winamax software. Simply select “My limits” from the “My account” menu.
Please don’t hesitate to contact if you need any assistance setting these limits.

  • Which gaming limits are obligatory?

    • Maximum poker balance

      The amount you specify here is your maximum account balance. Any winnings that cause your account to exceed this amount will automatically be withdrawn and transferred to your bank account.

    • Minimum automatic poker balance withdrawal

      This is the minimum amount of money that will remain on your account in case of an automatic transfer due to you maximum poker balance amount.
      For example ,say that you have set your maximum poker balance to €1000. If in you next session you win a nice tournament and your balance goes up to €1500, you would normally be reduced to €1000. By setting a Minimum automatic withdrawal amount of, let’s say, €600, you will have to win an addition €400 before your next automatic withdrawal. 
      Please note that any sums credited through bonuses are not taken into account.

    • Maximum weekly deposit amount
    • Maximum weekly wager amount

      This rule takes into account every wager placed, independent of your winnings.

  • Additional gaming limits made available by Winamax

    • Maximum per deposit amount (€)
    • Maximum total deposit amount (€) (per day, per week, per month)
    • Maximum number of deposits (per day, per week, per month)
    • Maximum loss amount (€) (per day, per week, per month)
    • Maximum cash game stakes
    • Maximum tournament buy-in amount
    • Maximum connection time (per day, per week, per month)
    • The time you spend logged in to the game application is taken into account and not your effective playing time. You will receive a warning message 30 minutes, 15 minutes and 5 minutes before being disconnected.
      If you are playing in a cash games, you will be automatically disconnected at the end of all current hands in play. During tournaments, you will only be disconnected after being eliminated from all the tournaments currently in play. You will not be able to register for any new tournament or make rebuys or add-ons.

    • Sports betting – Maximum wagers (per day, per month)
    • This limit does not take into account winnings or losses, but the total amount wagered.

    • Sports betting – Maximum monetary losses (per day, per week, per month)
    • This limit takes into account your winnings. For example: You set a maximum daily loss of €50. If you win €100 you will have a margin of €150 to lose before reaching this limit.

    • Poker – Maximum wagers (per day, per month)
    • This limit does not take into account winnings or losses, but the total amount wagered at the tables (cash game, tournament/S&G entry).

    • Poker – Maximum tournament entries (per day, per month)
    • Poker – Maximum monetary losses (per day, per week, per month)
    • This limit takes into account your winnings. For example: You set a maximum daily loss of €50. If you win €100 you will have a margin of €150 to lose before reaching this limit.

    • Poker – Maximum big blind amount in cash games
    • Poker – Short Track game type restriction
    • Poker – S&G Deglingos game type restriction
    • Poker – S&G Expresso game type restriction

Take a break!

If you struggle to keep control when you play, if playing has a negative influence on your personal life, or if you simply want to take a break, we provide a tool which allows you to exclude yourself from our site for a duration of your choice.

Two types of self-exclusion exist: temporary or permanent exclusion.

Temporary self-exclusion: you will not be able to access the game application or site until the date you set (minimum duration: one week).

Permanent self-exclusion: your Winamax account will be immediately closed and your account balance paid out to your bank account. You will not be able to register a new account for a minimum of three years.

Exclude me from the site

Self-exclusion is an irreversible action. It is not possible to change the duration of a self-exclusion in any circumstances. This will only be effective on Winamax. If you wish to exclude yourself from multiple online gaming sites, you can do so on the ADICTEL website. You can also request to be added to the banned player lists of the Ministry of the Interior if you wish to no longer have access to casinos, gaming circles, and online gaming sites.

No to problem gaming!

Gambling should remain, particularly for younger games, a form of recreation which does not put anyone in danger. For this reason, Winamax puts in place a full program which exceeds the lawful requirements.

Winamax recommends the use the “parental control” through your internet service provider or by downloading free software which allows you to block minors from accessing gambling sites from your computer.

  • The Rules

    • Winamax verifies the identity and date of birth of all players. All gaming tables at Winamax are strictly for players over the age of 18.
    • The use of the same credit card is not permitted on multiple Winamax accounts.
    • The use of multiple accounts by any person is forbidden.
    • Every player on Winamax is subject to having his or her identity, address and bank account information verified.
    • Permanent access to your transaction history on Winamax.
    • Self-limitation of maximum deposits, per day, week or month.
    • Winamax ensures access to a self-exclusion tool for every player.

  • More about our methods of protection

    Winamax considers prevention by education of new players an important duty. As a result, Winamax puts in place a large amount of information to educate and teach players (Poker School, articles) to treat poker as a form of competition, a mind-sport, and to encourage conviviality instead of simply as a way of gambling money.

    Our communication, site ambassadors, notably the Team Pro players, ensure that messages about moderation are delivered concerning the dangers of gambling. Winamax is careful about the audience targeted, the content of advertising messages and the type of promotions offered, in order to not diverge from a realistic vision of games of chance.

    Winamax has an internal service dedicated to responsible gaming, which primarily responds to questions linked to this subject, engages protection measures, monitors the application and suggests improvements where necessary. The player protection team also monitors players at risk, based on a number of criteria (amounts wagered, regularity of deposits, excessive losses, etc.). If verifications show an excessive or pathological character in a player, they will be contacted in order to inform them of the situation and offer personalised assistance.

    A committee meets every trimester to look at the application of protection measures and if necessary the improvement or modification of these measures.

    All Winamax personnel are trained and made aware of the problems caused by excessive gaming as well as the symptoms which enable detection. Emails from players or their entourage alerting customer support about excessive playing habits are treated as a priority.

    Knowing that multiple monetary deposits in a short space of time can be symptomatic of excessive play, the site displays an automatic warning message in these cases. Starting from the 4th deposit within a 24 hour period, irrespective of the amounts deposited, the player will see a message describing the situation and requesting they tick a box to cancel or continue. Starting from the 5th monetary deposit, the player will be offered the possibility of self-limitation, psychological assistance and a link to site pages dedicated to responsible gaming.

    In constant contact with the medical world, Winamax puts in place partnerships with addiction centres. We have notably funded a clinical research project managed by the Paul Brousse Hospital in 2013 and 2014.

    For any questions concerning responsible gaming, please contact our player protection team at

    Gaming should remain a pleasure. Don’t let it ruin you!